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Hisense FC-29DD4SB Chest Freezer 213L - Hisense

  • Hisense FC-29DD4SB Chest Freezer 213L By Hisense
Hisense FC-29DD4SB Chest Freezer 213L By Hisense

Hisense FC-29DD4SB Chest Freezer 213L

Product by Hisense
Ksh. 56,995
Price was: Ksh. 70,000.00 (Save Ksh 13,005.00)
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Product Description

Hisense FC-29DD4SB Chest Freezer 213L price in Kenya is ksh 56,995/= at kenyatronics. Get it from us & enjoy a record 2 hour Home & office delivery for Nairobi, Next-day countrywide.

Hisense FC-29DD4SB Chest Freezer 213L Features

Condenser inside

Fan motor

Lock & Key

2 Wired baskets

Adjustable thermostat

213L capacity

R600a refrigerant

Type: Ice cream Freezer

Hisense FC-29DD4SB 213L chest freezer is a good showcase freezer that is more advantageous to people running a business or those who want to store frozen food in large quantities. It is one of the most energy efficient equipment and will also save you a lot of money on the long run. Advantageously, the freezer also comes with enough space that will enable you to take advantage.

Besides this, users will enjoy utilizing the condenser that is found inside and the fan motor that prevents air in the freezer from warming up. The 2 wired baskets will be good for storage whereas the adjustable thermostat allows users to adjust the temperature setting.


You will have a fresh choice to controlling this model by simply turning the temperature knob. Doing so enables you to set the right temperature of the cabinet as per what you require. You will therefore be able to keep all kinds of food in the right condition at all times.


This freezer is energy efficient and will help you to save a lot on power bills. It comes with a built in side wall insulation that keeps it cool for longer periods of time. Besides this, it can still refrigerate products for up to 3 days under the circumstances of having a power outage.


The condenser fan is able to run when the compressor runs and ideally draws cool room air through the front grille. It then circulates it through the condenser coils, over the compressive and back out the front grille in to the room. The circulating air usually helps in cooling the compressor and the freezer in the condenser oils.

It also helps in evaporating the water in the drain pan. Without the fan motor, the freezer temperature’s will rise, the compressor will overheat and eventually the food will end up being spoilt.


As a business person, having a showcase freezer will help you in promoting sales and also storing your large mass products for a long time. Thanks to the LED lighting you will be able to spot items easily through the top and pick them out without any difficulty. Additionally, it is aesthetically pleasing.

Hisense FC-29DD4SB Chest Freezer 213L are best priced in Kenya at Kenyatronics. Get it within 2 Hours in Nairobi, and 24 Hours for countrywide delivery.

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