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Hisense FC245SH 249L Chest Freezer - Hisense

  • Hisense FC245SH 249L Chest Freezer By Hisense
Hisense FC245SH 249L Chest Freezer By Hisense

Hisense FC245SH 249L Chest Freezer

Product by Hisense
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Product Description

Hisense FC245SH 249L Chest Freezer price in Kenya, Features, description;

Hisense FC245SH 249L Chest Freezer price in Kenya is Ksh 45,995/=. Order it from Kenyatronics today and enjoy a record 2 hour Home & office delivery for Nairobi, Next-day countrywide.

Hisense FC245SH 249L Chest Freezer KEY FEATURES:

Capacity: 245L

Noise level: 41dB

Foaming door design

Electronic control system

Energy efficiency class: A

Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz

Dimensions: 1002mm X 597mm X 842mm

Gas: R600a

Power indication function

Hisense FC245SH 249L Chest Freezer Description

Hisense 245L Chest Freezer-FC245HS Capacity

Hisense 245L Chest Freezer-FC245HS has a capacity of about 245L. Furthermore, what this means is just one thing the chest freezer is more than capable of holding a significant amount of frozen items.

Gas (R600a)

R600a is a type of refrigerant used in many modern appliances, including refrigerators and freezers. What is more, it is known for its low environmental impact and efficient cooling properties.


The freezer operates on a standard household voltage of 220-240V at a frequency of 50Hz. In addition, you can rest assured of the fact that the voltage is compatible with most electrical systems so you are safe.

Power Indication Function

The FC245HS chest freezer has an indicator that informs one when the freezer is powered or whether there is a problem.

Loading Capacity:

This refers to the space that can be used when it comes to storage and the FC245HS offers 209 liters. What’s more, this also includes space that insulation and freezer components have taken up.

Energy Efficiency

One thing about chest freezers is that they are more energy efficient in comparison with upright freezers. In brief, considering a chest freezer comes with a lid that opens upward, it helps minimize the escape of cold air whenever the freeze is opened reducing energy consumption.

Temperature Stability

FC245HS?is the guarantee of ensuring that it will maintain a temperature that is consistent in the interior. What’s more, this guarantees that food in the freezer remains frozen at the proper temperature ensuring quality and safety.

Long-Term Storage

The freezer is well-suited for long-term storage of items like meat, vegetables, and prepared meals.

Deep Storage

One thing that one can rest assured of when it comes to the chest freezer is that it is deep meaning that you have enough space for large packages. Furthermore, this makes them suitable for storing items like whole turkeys, large cuts of meat, or big bags of frozen vegetables.


While chest freezers have a large storage area, organizing the contents can be a bit challenging. However, FC245HS comes with removable baskets or dividers to help one keep items organized.


One thing about this chest freezer is that you are not limited to the things that you can be able to store in it. Moreover, not only is it suitable for frozen foods but also for freezing homemade dishes, ice cream, and other frozen treats.

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